The Collegiate Challenge - May 26, 1972


The Collegiate Challenge - May 26, 1972


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Student newspaper of the Tacoma Community College. This issue is numbered volume VII, number 23 and is eight pages.

This issue contains stories on the TCC Pride and Shame Week, including a presentation by William Hosokawa on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, a panel discussion on the incarceration and contemporary racial prejudice; the TCC Student Publications Review Board objectives; TCC history instructor Rev. Elijah H. Hankerson receiving an Urban League community service award; a new Selective Service draft induction; the Pacific Northwest Bell general aptitude test to be given on campus; a new art show in the library by Mexican artist Gustavo Alaniz; the events of the Los Unidos-hosted cultural week; Referendum 31 to provide bond money for Washington junior colleges; the upcoming commencement ceremony; student senate business, topics including book buying, the Challenge's budget, elimination of the Cronus, and a Budget Committee meeting; the rezoning of land near the Ram Pub in the Fircrest area; the Miss Tacoma contest, including portraits of the candidates; track team news, including pole vaulter Don Rinta setting a new state community college record; the Friends of the TCC Library annual dinner; golf team news; TCC president Dr. Thornton Ford praising local parties for supporting Referendum 31; the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare granting TCC student aid funds.

Also includes letter to the editor praising telephone operator Lynn Counter; ads and classified ads; reviews of films Gumshoe and Cisco Pike; a "day in the life" description of the TCC Lounge; examinations schedule; the TCC campus landscape, including work done by Reinhold Mueller and tree donations; a photo of organist George Scott.

Announcements include an upcoming Pacific Northwest Bell Company general aptitude test; new legislation regarding veterans tuition reduction; election of allied health programs manager Donald R. Gangnes as TCC Asociation president; information at the Career Development Program; presentations by author Hazil Heckman and monologist Lovina March at the Friends of the TCC Library annual dinner meeting; veterans course load requirements; Congressman Floyd Hicks speaking at the Phi Theta Kappa initiation banquet; new requirements for student receiving Social Security benefits; summer registration; availability of commencement invitations.

Staff credits: Published by the Associated Students of Tacoma Community College. Editor in chief Candice Hanes; associate editor Kathy Wardlow; chief photographer Bill Schrum; business/ad manager Gene Achziger; sports editor Dann Tillighast; reporters Stephen Bowden, Anne Flannigan, Dolores Hill, Lamoyne Hreha, Jose Longoria, Duane McCormies, Joyce Rhodes, Tod Sharlow; photographers Charles Kuhn, Shaune Liles, David Powers, Wayne Stewart; opinion Ken Elgin, Stephan Guthrie, Irene Jones, Rick May, Michael McLavy; sports Ross Whitfeldt, Mike Greenwood; makeup Phyllis Church; office secretary Joyce Basozki; advisor Dennis Hale.


Associated Students of Tacoma Community College


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Hreha, LaMoyne
Schrum, Bill
Rhodes, Joyce
McCormies, Duane
Hill, Dolores S.
May, Rick
Jones, Irene
Schrum, Bill
Chenoweth, Allan
Flannigan, Anne
Sharlow, Tod


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