The Collegiate Challenge - May 12, 1972


The Collegiate Challenge - May 12, 1972


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Student newspaper of the Tacoma Community College. This issue is numbered volume VII, number 21 and is eight pages.

This issue contains stories on a presentation by governor candidate James (Jim) McDermott; TCC Pride and Shame Week, commemorating the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II; TCC Admissions and Records Officer Joseph Kosai, and his experience in an incarceration camp during World War II; the TCC Veteran's Association moving their office; the TCC faculty art show at the new Tacoma Art Museum; speech-drama department chairman Donald A. Hiatt receiving the Washington State Speech Association Distinguish Service Award; the Pierce County Young Republicans Club; tennis and golf team news; student senate business, including the recycling center and discussion of a Student Health Council.

Also includes letters to the editor responding to the reprinting of Senator Buckley's speech in the previous issue, on summer jobs and union membership, thanking the art department for the Fine Arts Week; what appears to be a guest article on cannabis legislation; ads and classified ads; a review of film Little Big Man.

Announcements include Denver Post associate editor and author of Nisei, the Quiet Americans William K. Hosokawa speaking for Pride and Shame Week; performances of Under the Gaslight; availability of tickers for Canned Heat and Taj Mahal in concert; a hotpants contest in the cafeteria; recycling station hours expanding to 24 hours; ticket refunds for "Boogie on the Water"; moved Phi Theta Kappa meetings; Roberta Flack concert ticket refunds; end of pre-registration period.

Staff credits: Published by the Associated Students of Tacoma Community College. Editor in chief Candice Hanes; associate editor Kathy Wardlow; chief photographer Bill Schrum; business/ad manager Gene Achziger; sports editor Dann Tillighast; reporters Richard Barnes, Stephen Bowden, Mary Brannon, Lynn Fitzpatrick, Anne Flannigan, Dolores Hill, Lamoyne Hreha, Joyce Kalivas, Jose Longoria, Shirley Larson, Duane McCormies, Joyce Rhodes, Tod Sharlow; photographers Charles Kuhn, David Powers, Wayne Stewart, Shaune Liles, Jim Zderic; opinion Michael McLavy, Irene Jones, Rick May, Kenneth Elgin, Stephen Guthrie; sports Ross Whitfeldt, Mike Greenwood; makeup Dennis Bouffiore, Phyllis Church; office secretary Joyce Basozki; advisor Dennis Hale.


Associated Students of Tacoma Community College


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Hreha, LaMoyne
Rhodes, Joyce
Tuttle, John
Markholt, Ottilie
Hawkins, Ed
Bond, John
Jones, Irene
May, Rick
McCormies, Duane
Tillinghast, Dann
Greenwood, Michael
Whitfeldt, Ross


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