The Collegiate Challenge - April 14, 1972


The Collegiate Challenge - April 14, 1972


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Student newspaper of the Tacoma Community College. This issue is numbered volume VII, number 17 and is eight pages.

This issue contains stories on the spring student senate election; senate news, including absent senators; Gerald Allen and his Community Service jewelry casting class; a panel discussion on world economics; the TCC Math Lab; the campus recycling center program; TCC librarian Morris W. Skagen and his upcoming sabbatical leave; astronomy instructor George Harper; Titan men's basketball and golf team news.

Also includes student body candidate statements and photos; editorial on the All-College Council; letters to the editor regarding Challenge coverage of the Frank Cedervald presentation, from an incarcerated individual seeking to run for president; a new pro and con section, discussing amnesty toward those who refused to be drafted in this issue; ads and classified ads; reviews of the film Seven Samurai, in anticipation of a showing at the University of Puget Sound (UPS), and the new film The Godfather; review of the new Grateful Dead album "Live Dead"; a track meet schedule; a photo of Spencer Haywood of the Seattle Super Sonics.

Announcements include volunteer opportunities at the Tacoma Area Child Tutoring program; open applications for Phi Theta Kappa; the upcoming Friends of the TCC Library fundraiser performance of Plaza Suite; transfer course corrections from UPS; available scholarships; a panel discussion by TCC students on TV; cap and gown orders; comics.

Staff credits: Published by the Associated Students of Tacoma Community College. Editor in chief Candice Hanes; associate editor Kathy Wardlow; chief photographer Bill Schrum; business/ad manager Gene Achziger; sports editor Dann Tillighast; reporters Richard Barnes, Stephen Bowden, Mary Brannon, Lynn Fitzpatrick, Anne Flannigan, Dolores Hill, Lamoyne Hreha, Joyce Kalivas, Jose Longoria, Shirley Larson, Duane McCormies, Joyce Rhodes, Tod Sharlow; photographers Charles Kuhn, David Powers, Wayne Stewart, Shaune Liles, Jim Zderic; opinion Michael McLavy, Irene Jones, Rick May, Kenneth Elgin, Stephen Guthrie; sports Ross Whitfeldt, Mike Greenwood; makeup Dennis Bouffiore, Phyllis Church; office secretary Joyce Basozki; advisor Dennis Hale.


Associated Students of Tacoma Community College


Tacoma Community College Archives, Special Collections Library


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Achziger, Gene
Daggett, L. E.
Desmond Jr., John J.
Winslow, Scott
Whitfeldt, Ross
McLavy, Michael
Tuttle, John
R. M.
Jones, Irene
May, Rick
Rhodes, Joyce
Hreha, LaMoyne
Hochstrasser, Jeff
Elgin, Ken
McCormies, Duane
Greenwood, Mike
Tillinghast, Dann


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