The Collegiate Challenge - February 18, 1972


The Collegiate Challenge - February 18, 1972


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Student newspaper of the Tacoma Community College. This issue is numbered volume VII, number 13 and is twelve pages.

This issue contains stories on the formation of a publications board for the Collegiate Challenge following criticism by state legislators of a previous issue's poetry; a new ten-credit general geology field excursion course with Jack Hyde in five states; sophomore linguistics major Ron Snyder; the upcoming drama production of Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad; the formation of new non-profit Committee for a National Information Center, formed by former TCC student Lon M. Smith; musician and songwriter Dave Mason; TCC student Irene Jones; student senate news, including approval of the new Publication Board; a Los Unidos-organized meeting to discuss the possibility of a school-release program for McNeil inmates pursuing their educations; Titan men's basketball wins and upcoming games; Challenge staff meeting with legislators in Olympia to discuss community college issues; college-credit internship programs; KTNT jazz program DJ Clarence McDaniel; the first meeting of the Photo Club.

Also includes a "memorandum to legislators" apologizing for the language and content of the poetry in a previous issue; editorials responding to criticism of the poetry; letters to the editor in support of the poetry, announcing the Judo Club's attendance at an upcoming tournament; a guest story by Swedish woman Solveig Lindberg on a trip to New York City and Washington DC; ads and classified ads; a sidebar on pre-registration; culture page with illustrations and poetry; a music review of Moody Blues album "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor"; basketball statistics; a photo from the blood drive.

Announcements include TCC Skydiver jumps and films; an upcoming benefit dance for the Stadium Concert Band to attend a festival in Vienna; an upcoming presentation by labor organizer Frank Cedervall; the beginning of KTCC closed circuit radio station; job openings at a new restaurant; an upcoming Sports Car Club autocross; the TCC string quartet appearing on KTVW's "Project 13" program; an election for a new student senator; availability of tickets to Sly and the Family Stone; soccer team practice.

Staff credits: Published by the Associated Students of Tacoma Community College. Editor in chief Cheryl Doten; chief photographer Charley Kuhn; sports editor Dann Tillighast; business/ad manager Gene Achziger; copy editor Kathy Wardlow; reporters Stephen Bowden, Mike Greenwood, Candice Hanes, Dolores Hill, Lamoyne Hreha, Jose Longoria, Joyce Rhodes, Owens Satterwhite Jr., Tod Sharlow, Ken Slusher, Ross Whitfeldt, Lynn Fitzpatrick; photographers Wade Cook, Shaune Liles, David Powers, Bill Schrum, Bill Stephenson, Wayne Stewart, Tracy Stromberg; columnist Kathy Wardlow; artist Phillip "Rosy" Rosenbaum; cartoonist Gary Payn; culture page Ed Hawkins; office secretary Joyce Basozki; advisor Dennis Hale.


Associated Students of Tacoma Community College


Tacoma Community College Archives, Special Collections Library


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Whitbeck, Steve
Doten, Cheryl
Satterwhite Jr., Owens
Slusher, Ken
Kelly, Hallis
Snyder, Ron
Lindberg, Solveig
Schosow, John
Sharlow, Tod
Greenwood, Mike
Wardlow, Kathy
Elgin, Ken
Hill, Dolores S.
Longoria, Jose J.
Tillinghast, Dann
Hreha, LaMoyne
Sawyer, Carl


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